Nov 13th, 2014

Tips for Your SSI Application in Baltimore

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If you live in Baltimore and have been permanently disabled, you may qualify for Social Security benefits. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is based on financial need. When a person can no longer work, the addition of medical expenses can be financially devastating. SSI payments can help cover medical costs, lost wages, and living expenses. There are specific requirements that must be met, both medical and financial. If you need assistance with your Baltimore SSI application, a local attorney may be able to help. There are several points that are important to keep in mind when applying for benefits.

Work with a Doctor Who Supports Your Claim.
The success of your medical claim depends significantly on the medical evidence provided by your doctor. He or she must demonstrate that your disability is permanent (12 months or longer) and prevents you from working in gainful employment. It is important to choose a doctor who believes that you qualify for benefits. Seek a second opinion when necessary.

Keep Track of Your Own Medical Records.
The application can take a long time to process, but this is often caused by delayed medical records. If the Social Security Administration must request documentation from your doctor, it can take weeks or months. When you keep copies of all of your medical records, you can submit them yourself and speed up the process. An attorney can also help with this.

Submit a Thorough Application.
It is important to provide as much information as possible on an SSI application. When details are left off, the decision can be delayed or may be denied altogether. Include details of your health condition, as well as referring physicians, addresses for clinics, and treatment dates. If you are unsure about a portion of the application, a Social Security disability attorney can help.

Check the Status of Your Claim Regularly.
It is important to know the stage of your case at all times. You have the option to call the examiner who is overseeing your application as often as necessary. This has a twofold benefit. First, it provides an opportunity for you to verify that all documentation was received. If something is missing or the examiner needs additional information, you can provide that quickly. The second benefit is that regular contact can speed your case along because you will be at the forefront of the examiner’s mind.

Ask for Letters from Influencers.
Although a passionate note from a loved one may not affect your case, other individuals may have more influence. Support from past employers and anyone who cares for you daily can provide testament to the degree of your impairment. These should be brief, but thoughtful and detailed. Some individuals have also found help by contacting a congressperson or senator, particularly when the case has lingered.
When in doubt, contact a legal professional for help with your SSI application in Baltimore.