Apr 20th, 2018

How to Apply for Social Security Benefits If You Have Severe Asthma?

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Living with a respiratory condition such as asthma can be extremely difficult. In addition to preventing you from living your life the way that wish, chronic asthma can make it hard for you to maintain gainful employment. If you find that you are unable to support yourself due to the symptoms of asthma, then you may be able to receive Social Security benefits.

Severe Asthma Disability

Although you will need to meet specific qualifications, it is possible to receive benefits for asthma. Here are a few ways you can apply for SSI disability for asthma, including getting help from an experienced disability attorney.

Asthma Qualifications

The problem with applying for disability benefits for asthma is that this condition isn’t the same for everyone. Some people only have occasional flare-ups, while others have asthma that is so severe that the require prolonged medical intervention. If your asthma is minor, you probably won’t be able to receive benefits. However, for severe cases, being approved for benefits is entirely possible.

There are two circumstances where Social Security provides disability benefits for asthma. The first way is to provide proof that you have received a diagnosis of chronic asthmatic bronchitis. The Social Security Administration will need to see breathing tests that show your lungs are obstructed and that you require oxygen.

The second option is to show that your asthma results in frequent hospital trips. If you must visit the hospital at least six times a year, even when following a treatment plan, you may qualify for benefits.

Fight a Denial

If you’re SSI disability for asthma claim has been denied, you should get help from The Law Offices of Fred London, P.C. Our team has experience fighting denied claims, and is ready to assist you.

Apr 18th, 2018

Does Epilepsy Qualify for Disability Benefits?

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Epilepsy can be a very serious condition. If you suffer from epilepsy, it’s possible that you will experience several symptoms, including seizures and extreme fatigue. For people with the most severe forms of epilepsy, it can be nearly impossible to work a normal job, putting them in long term financial difficult.


Fortunately, in some cases, it may be possible to get disability benefits for epilepsy, particularly if you’re applying with the help of The Law Office of Fred London, P.C. Learn more about epilepsy disability, and find out how our team can help you fight for your benefits.

Getting Disability for Epilepsy

In the Social Security Blue Book, you can find a list of disabilities that will qualify you for benefits, including certain types of epilepsy. When you apply for epilepsy disability, the Social Security Administration will check your condition against the Blue Book to see if your condition is severe enough to warrant benefits.

You can apply for disability benefits for epilepsy for both convulsive and non-convulsive seizures. However, you will need to demonstrate your epilepsy is severe and that it cannot be controlled through the use of medication. Unfortunately, even if your condition is severe enough to prevent you from working, it’s possible your claim will be denied, and if this happens, you need help from an experienced attorney such as Fred London.

Fight for Your Claim

When a condition like epilepsy keeps you from working, applying for disability benefits can be a good way to support yourself. If you’re having trouble getting your claim approved, you need assistance from The Law Office of Fred London P.C.

We know how to navigate the complicated Social Security system and would be glad to give you advice and guidance.