Aug 10th, 2015

Applying For Social Security Disability With Anxiety

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Anxiety disorders can cover a wide range of symptoms and experiences, and it is hard to condense all of the information about applying for social security disability with any emotional disorder into such a short post, but there are some common rules and guidelines that can help you claim the benefits you deserve.

It should be noted that not every individual suffering from an emotional disorder qualifies for social security disability. The main rule of thumb is that, in order to qualify, your disability must have a marked impact on your life and disrupt your day to day functions. It is also important to note that the emotional disorder must be a long term one. Individuals suffering from short term anxiety are not eligible for social security disability.

Furthermore, people applying for social security disability must prove that they suffer from a generalized anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic, or severe phobia. Obviously, self diagnosis can be unreliable, so you should discuss your personal situation with a doctor, psychologist, or other qualified health professional to help you determine whether or not you match any of these qualifications for social security disability. This health professional will also help you determine whether or not your disability causes a regular and serious disruption to your daily life, your ability to work or focus, your ability to function in a social setting, or your ability to control your disorder. These are also requirements necessary to qualify for social security disability.

Just because you do not meet the specific requirements listed here in a typical fashion, however, does not mean that you cannot draw disability benefits. Cases are evaluated with more scrutiny than simply checking the aforementioned boxes, and you may qualify for some benefits even if you do not match what was previously said. The details of the application and the qualifications for benefits are tricky, and they are best explained by a qualified professional that knows the details. You can find all the information on how to apply for social security disability on the Social Security Administrations website. There you can also find a variety of ways to speak with someone within the administration about the procedure to apply.

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