Mar 20th, 2015

Getting the Maximum Disability Benefits- A Strategic Guide

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Filling out the disability application is very important. In the State of Baltimore, disability benefits range from very little to extensive, depending upon the type of injury sustained. But what are disability benefits in the first place? Essentially, these are benefits provided by the government to an earning individual who is no longer able to work and provide for his or her family. For instance, if a person is employed as a construction worker and sustains an injury during their job; they can claim disability benefits if their disability application has been approved. However, there is a proper way to get maximum disability benefits. Here’s a brief guide:

Hire the Best Disability Lawyers in the Industry
The first and foremost step that a person needs to take is to hire the best possible lawyers. Disability applications are likely to get rejected because they are not properly explained.  Applications and the law are tricky. You must fit the criteria exactly or you will not be approved. The State of Maryland is unlikely to provide disability benefits unless they are forced to do so. The State has a fixed budget. If a claim can be denied, it likely will be denied. The government has to make sure that they select only the best possible candidates for the disability dollars available.

You can ensure that you have the best possible chance of getting the benefits you deserve by hiring the best lawyers. At The Law Office of Fred S. London, P.C., we work with some of the most proficient and experienced lawyers in the field of disability law. Every attorney that works for the firm is hired after giving due attention to their past experience and the success that they have had, which dramatically increases the chances of success for our clients. Given the amount of experience that we have accumulated over the years we have been active in disability law, we are confident that we can help our clients get their applications approved.

Provide the Best Explanation
Most people feel that they can fill out their disability application on their own and be done with it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they will get disability benefits. The manner in which a person fills out their application is different from how a professional lawyer would do it. At The Law Office of Fred S. London, P.C., we can help you fill out your application right the first time as we know how to explain your disability, and what documentation helps your case the most. At The Law Office of Fred S. London, P.C., we aim to assist our clients in the most professional way possible, and get the maximum benefits allowed under the law. Contact us for a free consultation to get an idea of your chances of success.

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