Sep 23rd, 2014

How Can a Disability Attorney Help Me?

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All Social Security Disability applicants have the right to be represented by an attorney. As there are many benefits available to Social Security Disability applicants, a disability attorney can analyze your situation to determine all potential disability benefits to which you may be entitled. Disability attorneys are experienced in knowing which information is relevant to the process and assimilating that information for the appropriate presentation to the Social Security Administration. The Disability Attorney is familiar with all of the forms required by the application process and can assist you with more efficient claims presentation. Disability Attorneys have the knowledge and experience to guide your claim through the determination process.

Disability attorneys are also aware of the steps in the appeals process if your claim is denied. It is important to be aware of the time limitations on appealing. Your Disability Attorney is well versed in these deadlines and can assist in the timely filing of the requisite request for reconsideration and request for hearing appeals. Once the process reaches the hearing level, the Disability Attorney brings the knowledge and experience to explain why you are disabled to the Administrative Law Judge. In proving you are truly disabled, the Disability Attorney will present an argument based on Social Security’s rules and regulations, which is supported by the medical evidence. A Disability Attorney brings the training and experience necessary to present an effective argument in both the appeals and hearing process.

In short, the Disability Attorney is knowledgeable about all levels of the disability application process. The Disability Attorney simply enhances your claim for Social Security Disability Benefits. Statistics show that represented claimants win at higher rates than unrepresented claimants at the hearing level. From the gathering of information and completing the forms to hearing representation, the Disability Attorney is simply an asset no claimant wants to be caught without.


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