Apr 27th, 2016

How Should I Approach a Disability Appeal?

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If you are one of the people in the unfortunate situation of having been denied Social Security Disability benefits, SSA will allow you to appeal your denied claim.

The quickest and easiest way to submit an appeal for your denial is online through the SSA website at ssa.gov. Before you begin, it is useful to have all relevant information and materials regarding your claim on hand.

If you prefer to submit an appeal offline, SSA notes that “You can find and print the forms you need to request an appeal on our Forms Page. In addition to the appeal request form, you will need a paper ‘Disability Report – Appeal’ (SSA-3441) and an ‘Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration’ (SSA-827).” Once printed and completed, you may mail the forms to your local Social Security office.

First, you will need to gather your personal information, including

* Name, Social Security number, address, and phone number
* Date of denial decision
* If applicable, your representative’s name, address, and phone number. A representative may be a lawyer, friend, or anyone you’ve chosen to help you with your appeal. SSA
will work with your representative and will receive copies of any decisions we make about
your application

Additionally, you will need the following medical information:

* Name, address, and phone number of someone who knows about your medical condition
* Description of any change in an existing medical condition or a new one
* Name, address, phone number, and dates of all visits to any healthcare provider, type of treatments, and tests since you last provided evidence of your disability or medical condition
* Name of any medicine you are currently taking, reasons for taking it, side effects, and name of the doctor who recommended or prescribed it
* Changes to your daily activities, work, and education

You may want to have on hand any medical records or prescription bottles to refer to, as well as any additional documents that support your appeal. These document will help Social Security making a decision on your claim, and include medical reports, forms, or written statements regarding your disability. Following your appeal submission, SSA will provide a cover sheet you can use to submit any documents you want them to include with your request.

If denied on the initial application, there are four levels of appeal: reconsideration, hearing before an administrative law judge, review by the Appeals Council, and Federal Court Review. It is important to understand that your appeal may take time, so gathering all necessary information and following the guidelines from ssa.gov will ensure a smooth appeal process.

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