Apr 10th, 2015

How to get Social Security Disability Benefits for PTSD

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a medical condition that has developed as a result of a major traumatic life event. People who suffer from PTSD can suffer from debilitating symptoms that can ultimately prevent them from being able to continue to hold down a job and make a reasonable living. Someone suffering from PTSD may possibly be eligible for Social Security disability benefits if they meet particular criteria and make the proper application to the Social Security Administration.

In order to receive Social Security disability benefits for PTSD, the individual applying for the benefit must show evidence of extreme anxiety or emotional disturbance that is brought about by regular occurrences of nightmares, flashbacks, or memoires.

Two paths to benefits
There are two ways for someone to have their request for disability benefits due to PTSD approved. The first is through medical records that satisfy the requirements for anxiety related disorders. The second way is for the requester to get a “medical-vocational allowance”.

Satisfying the anxiety listing
Someone who is suffering from PTSD needs to prove to the Social Security Administration a history of disruption in daily life that has been brought about by the nightmares and flashbacks that have been experienced. Other ways to qualify under this listing is if the applicant has suffered from panic attacks, OCD, phobias, or general anxiety as a direct result from the PTSD.

Getting a medical-vocational allowance
In order to receive a medical-vocational allowance, the Social Security Administration has to have already determined that benefits cannot be awarded under the anxiety listing although the symptoms of the PTSD that are being experienced are still severe enough to prevent the applicant from working.

Medical evidence required to prove PTSD
The Social Security Administration puts a great deal of stock in the medical records of applicants for disability benefits due to PTSD. Anyone who wants to have the application approved should be sure their medical records include detailed information about at least one episode including the duration of it and the frequency with which it happens. Any symptoms that have gotten worse with time should also be documented in the medical records, as should information regarding how the PTSD has had an effect on the applicant’s ability to function both at home and at work. It is important that the treating doctor also includes a statement regarding how his or her opinion coincides with the symptoms that have been described.

Anyone suffering from PTSD to the extent that it affects the ability to function normally on a daily basis should consider applying for Social Security Disability.

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