Mar 3rd, 2016

Overcoming the myths around the SSDI application

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There are many false truths about the Social Security Administration application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) that often prevent eligible candidates from correctly applying for these benefits. Listening to these myths can lead to incomplete or incorrect submissions and can cost many people the support they need.

“Why apply? I’ll just be denied.”
The first myth facing many eligible individuals is an immediate denial of their claims. A 10-year analysis of the outcomes of disability applications, completed by Social Security Administration, shows that, on average, 28 percent of claims were awarded after the first application. Many individuals learn that number and choose not to apply, which is unfortunate, because, for the same 10-year period, SSA approved another 17 percent of applications, on average, after reconsideration.

“I’m not sure why I was denied – I’ll start over.”
The SSDI application can be very stringent, including work and medical history, and about 20 percent, on average, of the applications in the same 10-year period were denied due to technical issues within the responses. Many applicants who have been denied then return to the beginning of the process, filling out a new application – the second myth. A better option would be to appeal a denied claim, and a good SSI Disability representative in Washington, DC can help applicants navigate the process.

“I don’t need much information to be approved.”
Washington, DC applications have found two steps that have helped to prevent technical denials of their claims. They have contacted an advocate versed in the application process and have carefully reviewed the SSA Disability manual, which spells out crucial details and documentation needed for a successful SSDI application. The idea of the application requiring little documentation can be appealing for many applicants, but compiling the required information as listed in the disability manual can not only smooth out the application process but also increase the applicant’s odds of a favorable outcome.

“It will be years until I find out if my claim was awarded.”
Another common myth is that the process is extremely lengthy. The time to review and make a determination on an adequately documented case can range from several weeks to several months, but the Compassionate Allowances program allows SSA to expedite claims for individuals with certain serious diseases or qualifying medical conditions. SSA fast-forwards the process to a public outreach hearing to determine if the disease, injury or illness meets the current definition of disability.

Applicants seeking Social Security representation in Washington, DC find that working with a knowledgeable attorney can increase their chances of success when it comes to applying for SSDI benefits.

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