Oct 9th, 2017

How To Find the Right Social Security Lawyer in Washington, D.C

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For many of us, things don’t always go as planned. We may have a retirement plan all laid out until an unexpected injury or medical condition throws a wrench in all of our carefully constructed timelines. In that case, help is often needed — and that’s exactly where lawyers come in. The job of an attorney is to help you make the best possible case for your Social Security claim, so that you can receive the money you need to live while facing medical expenses and being unable to work.

But with so many options out there, how can you find the right attorney? If you’re looking for Social Security lawyers in D.C., here are a few things you should consider:

social security lawyers in dc

1. What services do you need?

Some attorneys cover Social Security disability more broadly, while others focus in on SSI or medical assistance in particular. Still other lawyers look at specific medical issues, like Social Security law for disabilities relating to spinal injuries or heart conditions. Try searching online for attorneys using those keywords so that you can find lawyers who are specialized in the situation you’re experiencing.

2. What experience does the attorney have?

If you’re considering working with an attorney for your disability claim, make sure to evaluate what experience he or she has to determine whether to put your trust in this individual. You’ll want to make sure that the attorney has significant experience working on cases like yours and will know how best to handle your case.

3. What recommendations have you heard?

Often, one of the best ways to find Social Security lawyers in D.C. is just to ask around. Attorneys are often seen as more trustworthy when they are recommended by people you know personally, because you can have a guarantee that the attorney knows what they’re doing and will treat you well. Also, it’s a great place to start searching if you know people who have gone through a similar experience and already know where to look.

4. What’s your impression of the attorney?

The most important part of an attorney-client relationship is that the client should feel valued, especially in a case like Social Security disability which is so often fraught with emotional distress. At a time like this, if you find an attorney you’re interested in hiring, ask to meet with them so you can gauge how they approach your case and whether or not they care.

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