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Medicaid is a term given to several different programs designed to provide medical coverage for those who have a financial need. One type of medicaid is Long-Term Medicaid, which is intended specifically for seniors or those suffering from chronic illnesses or disabilities who require more intensive care. Because long-term Medicaid is a more cost-intensive program, not everyone is automatically eligible for these services.

long term care medicaid application

What is Long-Term Medicaid?

As stated above long-term Medicaid is a funded program that is designed to assist those who are suffering from chronic conditions, such as a life-long disability, illness or advanced age. In these situations, the patient requires more intensive care — in many cases even equalling those services you might expect to find in an assisted living facility.

These services might include medical care, but they can also include activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing and using the restroom. These services might be provide at home or in some sort of community facility.

Who Qualifies for Long-Term Medicaid?

Because of the financial resources needed, qualifying for long-term Medicaid is not always easy. In short, it is necessary to prove that you have both a medical need for such long-term and intensive care, and a financial need that can not meet the costs of these services.

However, this can be a bit tricky, because there is not a specific set of guidelines for who qualifies financially and medically, and each state has been left free to set its own standards. In short, though, if you suffer from a condition which requires ongoing skill, are unable to care for yourself and are limited in terms of your income and assets, then you have a chance to qualify for long-term care.

How Do I Apply for Long-Term Medicaid?

Since long-term Medicaid is run by individual states, you will have to consult your state’s guidelines for specifics. Most states allow you to fill out a long-term Medicaid application online, but this application is only the first part. In addition, you will have to submit documentation that shows the extent of your injuries and disabilities, as well as gives a prognosis as to your long-term chances. You will also need to submit financial documents to make your income and assets known to the state.

If you would like to know more, or would like help with your online Medicaid application, don’t hesitate to contact us today.