Apr 17th, 2015

What Do You Know About Social Security Law?

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Social Security Law refers to the series of laws and regulations that govern the Social Security program. It was establish to help protect, or secure, members of society from bearing too heavy a burden when catastrophic events occur. The intention was that no one individual would have to shoulder the weight of being disabled in such a way that they can no longer provide for themselves. It was also designed to help supplement the income for the elderly, who are also incapable of earning a full living wage past. Since Social Security began 80 years ago, it has evolved and changed. We here at The Law Office of Fred S. London, P.C. have been dealing with Social Security Law for the last 25 years, nearly one-third of the time that the system has been in place. Our expert lawyers and staff are here to help clients in the Baltimore and surrounding areas navigate the complexities of Social Security Law and get the assistance they deserve.

Understanding Your Rights and How We Can Help

We are here for our clients from beginning to end, offering support and guidance through every step of the application process to obtain Social Security benefits. We have compassionate attorneys and staff professionals that will explain each aspect of the application to you so that you understand what you need to do and your. You must qualify before being approved to receive benefits under the Social Security Law. For clients who clearly have a disabling medical condition, but lack adequate documentation, our well-trained staff can assess your paperwork and help you get the documentation you will need to be approved. According to Social Security Law, anyone who becomes disabled is qualified for benefits under SSDI, or SSI. The main difference in which program you apply to is dependent on the amount of money you invested into the system and your current financial status.

An Attorney is not required under Social Security Law

While an attorney is not required to file your paperwork, for residents in Baltimore, it is highly advised. There is a high rate of initial denial, and not having your paperwork professionally prepared can increase the risk of being rejected at the first step in the process. Another advantage in having one of our experienced attorneys assist you in filing for SSI or SSDI, is that you will have support with not only selecting what to file for, but how to file for it. If for any reason a claim we prepare is rejected, we do not give up. We will continue to work for you until you receive all benefits possible under the law.

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