Sep 22nd, 2015

Why Was My Social Security Disability Application Denied?

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Several factors are considered when you apply for Social Security disability. Most applications get denied because they receive an incomplete or poorly filled out application. As a government agency, they need precise information. Did your application get denied because of something you did or was there logic behind their decision?

Social Security disability is a form of income. The primary reason that these applications get denied is related to that income. Ask yourself if you make too much money. They have thresholds they must follow, and if you make one penny more than they say you can, your application will get denied. Although you are allowed to be a working member of society, your income may not exceed this threshold. If you are working or otherwise earning income above what they considered to be the “substantial gainful activity,” your application may get denied. As you look into the matter, bear in mind that the Social Security Administration only considers working income – any other type of income, including investment earnings, is not considered.

Your application may get denied if the Social Security Administration believes that your specific disability will not last over a year. They take the expected duration of your disability into consideration. Examples include bone fractures (as most will heal on their own within six months). Blind people, for instance, are exempt from this rule because once you’re blind, it doesn’t go away. Even more severe disability claims such as those involving acute trauma (think motor vehicle accidents) will get rejected if they do not believe the duration of the disability will last over a year.

What if you were to refuse to cooperate? Many people do not allow governmental entities, such as the Social Security Administration, access to records they consider private such as medical records. If the Social Security Administration cannot gain access to your records as proof of your disability, your application will get denied. It is best to be truthful and upfront from the very beginning. Cooperate with everything – this includes attending every appointment and consultative examination required so that the Social Security Administration can come to a decision about your case.

Other determining factors such as drug and alcohol addictions, criminal history and behavior, and falsifying information on your application can guarantee you a denial. You’re applying for Social Security income – money from the government – and they have very stringent requirements. If you fail a drug test or if you otherwise break one of the rules, you’re disqualifying yourself.

Simply follow the rules, and provide all the as much truthful information as you can. If you find that your claim still gets denied, contact the law firm of Fred S. London at (877) 978-3058 for an immediate, free consultation.

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