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At The Law Office of Fred S. London P.C., our practice is focused on Medicaid eligibility, Social Security Disability, SSI (Supplemental Security Income), Long term care Medicaid eligibility, and other health law related matters.

We take great pride in our hands on patient contact and patient interaction. We simultaneously attempt to maximize collections for the facility while obtaining the maximum potential benefits for the patient. We are always sensitive to medical and social issues of the patient. We handle Medical Assistance, Social Security Disability, and SSI cases.

Our Strengths:

  • Over 25 Years of Experience in Medicaid eligibility, Social Security Disability, and SSI.
  • RESULTS- Successful outcomes for Medical Assistance Eligibility, Social Security Disability, and SSI.
  • A strong sense of responsibility and integrity, dedication to our client hospitals and client patients.
  • We can help you file the Social Security Disability and SSI APPLICATIONS from the comfort of our office.
  • APPEALS of improper Medical Assistance and Social Security Disability and SSI DENIALS.
  • Attention to detail and perseverance.
  • Proactive representation of all patients through the eligibility process.
  • Ability to obtain documents (i.e. bank statements, life insurance information, real property information, out of state and out of country birth certificates and photo ID).
  • Longstanding relationships with the Department of Social Services, DHMH, and the Social Security Administration.
  • Constant communication with hospital staff including business office and social workers.
  • At least one principal is always available for questions or information requests.
  • Actively pursue Medicaid appeals.
  • Actively pursue Social Security Disability appeals.

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