Aug 11th, 2015

Applying for Social Security Benefits in Washington DC With a Knee Injury

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If you are living in the Washington DC area, are suffering from knee pain and are interested in applying for Social Security disability benefits because of it, you have come to the right place. Though you can complete the application process on your own, it can be hard to gather the right evidence and apply for Social Security Benefits in Washington DC properly without guidance from an attorney. So, as we go forward, keep that in mind. For now, you’ll need to know if your injury qualifies you for disability benefits.

The root of most cases of knee pain is the joints. Injured joints can cause severe, debilitating pain whenever the knee is moved. Though it is possible to qualify for SSD benefits if you suffer from severe joint pain, it is not an easy task. This is where a Social Security disability lawyer can help you through the application process.

In regards to severe joint pain, the SSA requires that the applicant provide evidence that his ailment is “medically determinable.” This means that you, the applicant, must have specific medical tests done that can physically show the SSA your injury. These results can provide you with an arsenal of evidence to use when applying for Social Security benefits in Washington DC. This evidence has to prove that your joint pain will last longer than a year and that it is so severe that it is altering your lifestyle and work performance.

An SSD attorney can take you through the specific tests and medical procedures that will help support your case. However, a rough list includes your official diagnosis, MRIs, x-rays and labs, in addition to proof that you have tried different treatment options and how your body responded (or didn’t respond) to that treatment.

According to the SSA, you can qualify for benefits in one of two ways:
1. Proving that your disability meets the requirements outlined in the SSA’s book of disability listings
2. Showing that your disability limits you physically or mentally, preventing you from working full-time

To qualify under the SSA’s disability listings, your joint pain must be caused by a deformity. This can be proven with an MRI. Since the joint pain is pinpointed to your knee, this deformity must be so severe that it alters your ability to walk normally – thus altering your day-to-day lifestyle. Do you need help running errands? Can you walk up stairs by yourself?

Qualifying for Social Security benefits in Washington DC under the second set of qualifications can be even more difficult. If you do not know what your best bet is, or even where to begin, an SSD lawyer can help you get your application started.
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