Sep 29th, 2015

Goal: Why did my SSI application get denied?

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When a person is dealing with medical issues that hinder their everyday lives and functioning, obtaining assistance to help aid them is highly critical. For an individual who is disabled, such assistance includes Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. When applying for such aid, there are applicants who get denied for various different reasons. Being rejected for benefits can be a scary thought for those who are really depending on it to survive. To avoid getting denied the first time around, seeking the services of a Disability Attorney in Washington, DC may be your best bet. If your SSI application has recently been denied, here are some possible reasons as to why that decision was made.

1. Age
While many individuals of various ages have been able to obtain SSI disability aid, age is still a deciding factor when it comes to determining whether an applicant gets denied or not. When applicants hit the 50-54-year-old age mark, Social Security does not expect these individuals to start a new career in a completely different field than what they are skilled in and acquainted with. This is due to their advanced age, which prevents them from being expected to retrain for even sedentary work. Applicants of younger ages may be seen as more capable of picking up new work skills.

2. Capability of work
When it comes to obtaining SSI benefits, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will first determine if you are capable of completing any type of work before they give an applicant access to aid. If a person is capable of doing sedentary work, in the least, their application has a higher chance of being denied; especially if they do not have enough work experience.

3. Disability not detected
A huge reason for the SSA not being able to identify you as disabled would be because they were not provided with enough documentation for them to judge their decision off of. If the SSA does not see that an applicant meets their listing for disability, a status of denial will be offered. For this reason, the more medical records and the more paperwork detailing your sickness you send over along with your application the better.

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