Feb 24th, 2015

How a Disability Attorney Can Help You

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Physical disability can be terrible. For a person who’s used to freedom of movement, disability can be soul- crushing. There are many jobs which can likely lead to disability. Working in a factory or handling precarious instruments are two of many examples. If you are a family man, you need to think about such things. You need to factor in every contingency that can arise while planning for your family’s future. Applying for Social Security disability insurance is an excellent way to secure your family’s future, if you are unable to work due to your health.

However, there are millions of applications that are processed by the Social Security Administration each year. Not all of them get accepted. The primary reason is because they are not filed properly. Most people tend not to work with a disability attorney while filing their Social Security disability applications. However, a disability attorney can significantly improve your chances of getting your application accepted. At Fred S. London, PC, we work with some of the finest, most experienced attorneys who are well versed in handling Social Security disability applications.

What Is a Disability Attorney?
A disability attorney is an attorney who can handle your Social Security claim/application. They will guide you throughout the process, and handle all legal matters pertaining to your application. At Fred S. London, PC, we assign a disability attorney to every individual applicant. Proper interviews are held in the beginning to gather information about the case. This helps us get a better idea of your situation, and what your chances of success are.

What Can a Disability Attorney Do?
There are many things that our disability attorney can do for you. Fred S. London, PC has had extensive experience in dealing with Social Security disability applications. We can guide you in filling out the application properly. We will review all of your medical records in order to acquaint ourselves with the case. We can also help set up an administrative examination with the Social Security Administration with a doctor.

Most importantly, we will help you get ready for the hearing. The hearing is quite possibly the make or break moment of your case. That is why it is important to go prepared. We will provide you with complete information about how to handle the questions, as well as set up rehearsals before the hearing. Our job is to make sure that your case is as strong as can be. We will argue your case if need be. We can also lodge an appeal in case your application gets declined.

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