Jan 11th, 2018

The Importance of Witness Letters to Your Social Security Disability Hearing

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If you have been denied Social Security Disability Benefits and are going through the appeals process, it’s important to have the best strategy in order for your appeal to be approved. A great way to add additional evidence to your case is by adding witness letters. These are letters written by family members, friends or coworkers and can have an impact on your Social Security Disability hearing.

social security disability hearing

Things to keep in mind about witness letters for your Social Security Disability hearing:

1.Feature only letters with first-hand accounts.

When you choose people to ask to write witness letters for you, you need to choose people how have first-hand accounts of how your injury or disability has affected you, your life or your work. Even though these people are not medical experts, they can still help to show the real consequences of your condition. These letters help to put your disability in perspective in terms of real life.

2.The letter should include the relationship of the witness to you.

The letter should state the witness’s relationship to you to put the letter in the correct context for the judge. Certain people will only be able to provide certain information.

3.The letter should include descriptions of your life before and after your disability began.

It’s important that the letter describe your life before as well as after the onset of the disability. This will show how life has changed for you and give a comparison to base any changes off of. It should describe things you used to be able to do versus things that you can no longer do. It should also talk about how your quality of life has changed. Your witness should stick to the facts and avoid embellishing their stories. If it comes out later that something was falsified, it will work against you.

4.The letter needs to have ways that your witness can be contacted.

Your witness must include contact information in the letter as well in case the judge needs to conduct a follow-up with your witness.. This can be a phone number or an email. Make sure that your witness knows that this is a possibility after your Social Security Disability hearing.

When going through an appeal, it’s important to include witness letters to help support your case. Make sure your witnesses are prepared and know what to include in the letter. Contact us with any questions.

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